Zoie Moore is an 18 year old fashion-loving, thrill-seeking and big-hearted 18 year old whose life was flipped upside down when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at age 17.

Since then, Zoie has become a passionate advocate for You Can, supporting fundraising events and initiatives to help spread awareness about the importance of being treated alongside patients of the same age and similar interests.

Recently, Sony Music artist and dedicated Sony Foundation ambassador Samantha Jade stopped by hospital to visit Zoie after hearing Zoie was such a huge fan.

What the Sony Foundation does is amazing, and I’ve been able to see their work first hand and be so involved….I was there for the opening of the first You Can Centre in Perth in 2013 and it holds a special place in my heart.

Samantha Jade, Sony Music artist and Sony Foundation ambassador

Zoie and Samantha Jade spent hours exchanging fashion and makeup tips and ended up arranging a special shopping trip for Zoie once she’s out of hospital!

I was so happy today happened. It was so much fun and definitely brightened my day and I know it meant a lot to the other girls as well.

Zoie Moore, You Can Champion (after Samantha Jade’s visit)

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